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Mayuri Global Visa is into a service that provides online visa services to natives of any country that are currently in the UAE.

We assist these aspirant of travel visa, when they fill out the online application to travel to any part of the globe that is right! There is a list f countries that we arrange visas for.

Go ahead and fill an application that gets to our database and our service desks agents will revert to you on the possible openings or travel packages as per your need. For the recent news visit the Mayuri Global Visa

Focus –

Our focus is to provide an A class experience to the visitors of this website. Our aims to do your job as a priority as we understand the need and the frustration a delay can cause. Mayuri Global Visa registered trademark, the name suggests we stand to provide only the best that Mayuri Group has always done, committed to its users delighting everyone.

As part of Mayuri Global Visa commitment to assisting travelers, you get access to the exhaustive database to the world’s most comprehensive visa requirements, you can lay hands on the knowhow of customs, included in it is also the largest online directory of Embassy and Consulate contact information.

Services –

We offer our customers access to multiple offices, in team of 19 different languages, so that is saying that we have 19offices in 9 countries, now that is an adequate network of people to help you with your visa requirement. A team that is dedicated to you like it is there visa.

Mayuri Global Visa is a team of professionals that pay attention to getting through the various levels of bureaucracy and making the wait shorter and easier on you. We are fully aware of the demands at consulates office and the documentation process for international travelers.

We do this day in and day out and the processes, like no others in the field.

Networking –

Mayuri Global Visa is backed up by a strong database, so we are constantly using our data to check and interact with our business providers. Competition keeps us on our toes and this very networking helps us provide nothing but the best. Navigating through profiles and suggesting the possible options for our clients leaves them and us happy. This is the core of our business and the reason for our survival. We are thankful to our clients for this consistent support.


Mayuri Global Visa’s online application keeps things simple and uncomplicated making it an effortless and painless process. Mayuri Global Visa’s services simplify the tough and regulated policies of the consulates, which make it incompatible with the worker's schedule and condition. This in fact gets more complicated for travelers that are distantly placed, do not worry answer will sort out the issues from minute to big.


Mayuri Global Visa is a secured web address that is hundred percent secured by an in-house team of Engineers whose job is to keep your information secured at all costs. We follow a no zero tolerance policy to data sharing. We give utmost priority to our customer’s privacy and maintain it with the strictest confidentiality. In turn we also suggest the applicants to ot apply on websites that do not own a EV SSL certificate.